Monday, January 25th, 2010

What you need to adopt from Haiti

Many of you have asked about how to go about adopting from Haiti. Dan Cruver of Together for Adoption asks a question in return:

The day will come when the adoption process will open back up in Haiti; and when it does, what Haiti’s orphans will need is Christians who imitate the patience of their Father in heaven. How many of us who are now interested in adopting a child from Haiti will still be interested when the adoption process finally opens back up?

Please read the rest of his article. You may find it discouraging. Or you may discover that God is using Haiti to awaken desires in you and that now he wants to redirect those desires toward other children in need.

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  3. Several lawyers are offering their services pro bono for families wanting to adopt from Haiti!! for more details…

  4. The link I posted was just the news site. Sorry, here is the article.

    Local lawyers offer pro bono help for Haitian adoptions

    Attorneys offer up services to help with Haitian adoptions

    Check out website:

    Local lawyers offer pro bono help for Haitian adoptions

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A group of Mid-State lawyers is looking to help families who are trying to adopt children from Haiti.

    Roland Mumford runs Roland Mumford and Associates and called doing free adoptions “a “wonderful idea” and “opportunity to contribute to the humanitarian effort in Haiti.”

    Attorney Divyesh Gopal told News 2 he came up with the idea of doing pro bono adoptions and immigration work last week while watching a benefit concert on TV.

    He then posted a one sentence offer on Facebook about free legal services and got a response in minutes.

    “I got a response from a New York couple within five minutes. They’re supposed to call me today,” he told News 2 Monday.

    In the weeks since the earthquake hit Haiti, several Tennessee families have returned home with new additions to their family.

    It’s the joyful reunions Mumford said he likes to help facilitate.

    “I care to help, and this is one way to help,” he said. “I’ve contributed financially to the cause, but this is also a way for me to help with sweat equity through my career.”

    Both Mumford and Gopal say the idea is to get as many attorneys in the southeast volunteering their services as possible.

    “What [we want] to do is coordinate with other immigration and adoption attorneys and see if they will agree to do one adoption or immigration matter with a family that communicates with us,” Mumford explained.

    It would work a little bit like a match-making service.

    “If a family meets the qualifications to adopt, basically, what we will do, we will forgo our attorney fees,” said Gopal, adding those fees can easily reach into the thousands of dollars.

    “Especially with the magnitude of the disaster there, and seeing these images come out every day,” Gopal continued, “we’re doing a good thing.”

    Already, with minimal public exposure, the two attorneys have been contacted by a number of families and other lawyers who want to be involved.

    Depending on the interest, Mumford said they may set up a separate Web site for pro bono adoptions.

    For now, interested persons can visit for more information.

  5. I am a mother of two girls . I have always wanted a son . I have been recomended by doctors to not have more childern . I have wanted to adopt for a long time . My husband has been unsure about it .To my happiness my husband was sitting on the floor watching the disaster in Haiti on fox news and called me in the room. He told me get on the computer and look up adoption and how we can .The LORD had put it in his heart to help and im thrilled :)this article help a lot thank you so much ! we are praying about it all and will hopefully taking the first steps to adoption .

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