Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Healthy eating on the road

I’ve been thinking more the last year about eating healthier. Oh yeah, and not just thinking about it but trying to actually do it.

So here’s some advice about eating something besides chips and Twinkies during a road trip. I think it’s serious. But maybe not everything for one meal.

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  2. My husband & I have 4 boys and whenever we travel long trips we pack a whole bunch of containers of apples,strawberries, crackers, cheese cubes, nuts/seeds, home-made oatmeal cookies,etc and drink water and or Gatorade. :-) I’m not sure we’d be fond of the smell of canned tuna lingering in our van after a meal… It’s also been a fun time to make some great picnics and I can be more creative & have fun than if we’d just stopped at a restaurant for 1 meal. It was fun to watch.

  3. Good ideas, but I gagged at the thought of downing some babyfood fruit for dessert. I suppose if one is desperate, though…

  4. My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday! I’m heading to the Pastors’ Conference next week, and I told her I wanted to eat healthy. Thanks!

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