Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Let me brag on my son


A poem by our oldest, Karsten, is featured in a review of Cave Wall , a literary journal (page down alphabetically to C). Part of the review says:

Karsten Piper, has a knack for striking visual descriptions. In his poem, “The Jaw Harp,” he describes a man on the street playing a harp:

He plucked a shining harp
like nails and teeth untying knots.
His ancient throat-stone bobbed
beneath his collar, and ductile notes

spilled out among his fingers,
each chasing the one before,
before it echoed over the cliffs, away.

This type of language is so physical and real, and is a recurring quality throughout this issue.

I wish I were a student in one of Karsten’s classes at Minnesota West Community College. It’s a sweet thing for a mother when her children surpass her.

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4 Responses to “Let me brag on my son”

  1. There is something of the Creator’s imprint in good poetry. It’s a display of his glory and reflects His image sealed in His creatures. Animals do not create poetic beauty. There is something about poetry that enlarges the soul and through it we hear heaven’s whispers. Thankyou for directing us to this… All the more special that it is your son. I find your Twitter posts most edifying.

  2. Thank God for His gifting Karsten with a “knack
    for striking visual descriptions”!

  3. Love your blog, i dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. happens all the time

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  4. This makes sense, but more people need to read it to get legs.

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