Thursday, January 21st, 2010

What is an orphan in Haiti?

In a country like Haiti, that even in the best of times has so many needs, some of the children in orphanages do actually have parents. But for many reason the desperate parents are not able to care for their children.

Now the earthquake has created a multitude of new orphans, children whose family is nowhere in sight and no one knows yet who they are. Some children will be reunited with parents or other family members, but others are truly orphans with no surviving family members.

The latter are the ones we should be thinking about when we encourage adoption. It would not be right to whisk children away from their own language and culture without making a tremendous effort to locate their family. Imagine yourself the mother or father or grandparent of a child who just disappears. Is he dead? Has she been sold as a prostitute? Think of the grief and agony for the rest of your life, not knowing.

One category of Haitian orphans are children who were in the process of being adopted. Secretary of State Clinton says,“[We will] do all we can to expedite the travel of children who were in the line for adoption who have a legal permanent home, guardianship, waiting for them.” These are children who had already been cleared for adoption before the earthquake.

Now we should pray:

1. for a network of able people striving to reconnect “lost” children with their parents.

2. for loving care for the children as they wait and then perhaps discover that their family is dead.

3. godly homes and loving hearts open to adopting those who prove to be true orphans.

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  2. I would really encourage you Americans to see adopting and children as a tremendous blessing and priviledge. Here in Australia our hands are tied, and we are very limited in what we can do to help in this area – very frustrating! Embrace the wonderful oporunities you have to be blessed by a precious child who really needs a Mommy and Daddy!

  3. Today I have heard from a very reliable source, that these are both wonderful ministries that are working to find help/homes on behalf of these suffering children:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by NoelPiper: Who is an orphan? Is there a concerted effort to help children find their families?

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