Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

New year, new website

To old friends, welcome to the new look of the blog you already know. Use the links in the heading above to wander around and discover how much more is here than just blog.

To newcomers, I hope you’ll stay and become friends.

You never can tell what I’ll be thinking about when you come back. You might find stories about the care of God’s creation in Kenya, or about Christ-centered traditions. You might catch up with our adoption story or my all-out war with personal chaos. And sometimes I’ll be hoping you’re ready for some silliness.

I’m still working on some details like categorizing old posts, but I’m eager to connect with you here already.

I hope you’ll all subscribe, either by RSS or by email. That way you’ll know every time there’s a new blog entry.

For example, you don’t want to miss the next post. That’s when I’ll tell you about the Hurray-New-Website contest and how to enter.

I’m thankful to God for the ones who created this website:

Matt Taylor for designing the site.

Josh Sowin for building the site.

Abraham Piper for overseeing the project and using simple words to tell me what I needed to do.

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43 Responses to “New year, new website”

  1. This new site looks wonderful! I’ve followed your blog for some time now, but I look forward to all that this new site will be adding to it.

    Press on!

  2. Lovely new look, Noel. You have a talented team working with you. I’m thankful for you and your frequent posts and look forward to more in 2010!

  3. Happy New Year, Noel! The new blog design looks great; very appealing. Hope it means you’ll be writing more…

  4. Lovely new look. Blessings on the New Year, Noel.

  5. Your blog looks wonderful!

  6. It looks great! I look forward to reading your future entries. :-)

  7. Beautiful new site, Mrs. Piper. The colors are so peaceful and soothing. And I know the content is always so wonderful too. May God continue to bless you in 2010!

  8. Colleen Herrmann

    Love the new site, Noel. And your most recent post of you and your family was precious. I, too wish you a blessed and Christ-centered 2K10!!! (My kids tell me that’s the cool way to say it!)

  9. I love it! Looking forward to frequent visits here in 2010.

  10. It looks great, Aunt Noel!!
    Love, Betsy

  11. I love your blog! It looks so pretty :)

  12. Noel, it is beautiful.

  13. The new site looks lovely. Thanks for blogging!

  14. The new design is beautiful! I really appreciated your story about Talitha’s adoption.

  15. love the new design… have loved you for years…just subscribed to your blog recently.
    quote you often from the traditions book over on my blog! Look forward to hearing more from you in 2010!

  16. Very nice, the men who did this website did an awesome job. Looking forward to visiting often. May the God of hope fill you you in 2010 with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.(Romans 15:13)

  17. Wow – it’s beautiful- great job Matthew! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more!

  18. Love it! The colors are vibrant and the design reminds me of beautiful tapestry. To everyone that helped you with the design…kudos for a wonderful job!

  19. Nice to meet you Noel! We have a lot in common, beginning with the 5 children. I’m also a new grandmother and especially look forward to learning how to be a grandmommy that points others to Jesus.

  20. Hi Noel,

    I subscribe to your blog. By the way, my little girl who is almost 2 loves your book, Most of All Jesus Loves You. It’s the only book she is attached to. It’s a great resource for us to introduce her to Jesus. Thanks!

  21. Subscribed! Hurray!

  22. Blessings! I’ve subscribed and would love the opportunity to read the book :D

  23. Jennifer McShea

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to journeying with you in 2010! I’ve subscribed via Google Reader.

  24. Have subscribed and am joyfully anticipating the heart of Our God as It is revealed through this site! Blessings as we enter this new year together!

  25. Nice start to the New Year Noel! Another way to connect with Bethlehem…Blessings in the New year.

  26. I just subscribed, and I know I will be encouraged as I see God revealed in your writiings. Blessings, and thank you so much.

  27. I just subscribed using e-mail. I know I will be blessed, and see God throughout your writings. Thank you so much.

  28. Love your Tweet! Looking forward to following the RSS feed for this site. Thank you for your service in Christ.

  29. Subscribed. Happy New Year!

  30. I am encouraged by what you have shared on your site. I have just subscribed. Having just moved to Nairobi, I really connected with your blog entries about your mission trip to Kenya. I see those ladies carrying firewood each day, and I think of the burden that the peoples in unreached nations still bear. When I read the words “Let the Nations Be Glad”, I think with longing of how many burdens will be rolled off peoples’ backs when the gospel finally reaches them!
    “Let the Nations Be Glad”!

  31. I am a new subscriber. In fact, I had not heard of you before last night. My husband has been blessed by John and his ministry for years and so when he saw that you had your own web-site he said that I might really like it. He has been impressed with some things that he has read from you on John’s site. So here I am, ready to be blessed. :-) I am enjoying getting to know who you are.

  32. I am very excited to become a new subscriber to your website! I am ready to be challenged and blessed, by what you have to tell us!!

  33. Just heard about your new site Noel, thanks for starting it. I just emailed my wife the link to it and pray she’s blessed through Christ’s work through you.

  34. Just subscribed after reading some of your delightful – and challenging – blog.

  35. I’m such a newbie when it comes to all this, thanks for taking the time to write this up, keep them coming! Happy New Years!

  36. I am subscribed…and new to the blog world. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  37. I am excited to be on your new web-site. I want to check out your recommendations.

  38. Am interested in exploring your new website. Would love to read your new book. Thanks for putting the contest out there for a chance to win it.

  39. I subscribed as well. The new website looks great!

  40. Monica Hanchett

    Hi Noel,
    Just subscribed and looking forward to future updates.

  41. […] that hinder me from seeing God clearly and following him wholeheartedly.So, as I promised in my post welcoming you to this new website: “You never can tell what I’ll be thinking about when you come […]

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