Monday, December 14th, 2009

Christmas past

My family in 1957. I’m at the top of the “stairsteps.”

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8 Responses to “Christmas past”

  1. Love the stockings! :) I'm gonna have to go dig up an old Christmas pic now :).

  2. 1957 looks awfully familiar, Noel. We used stockings like those too, and we were thrilled to get an orange, some nuts and hard candies. I was next to the youngest of seven.

  3. I love the picture. Very cute kiddos but have to say I ADORE the lamp!

  4. I’m excited @ your website and it is encouraging to see women mentors that we can follow and listen to. God Bless you and Pastor Piper as you follow Him and reveal His light to us.

  5. I am excited to let you know that i have subscribed to your website.

  6. Great web site! I have enjoyed reading your book on traditions and hearing about you through your husband and son. Blessings to you in your new endeavor!

  7. I know I serve an Extrodinary God…teach me and cause me, Oh God, to be a Faithful woman!

  8. I love learning about how you lead your life in Christ. I hope I can get some tips on raising children to glorify God.

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