Saturday, December 12th, 2009

A unique Christmas greeting

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9 Responses to “A unique Christmas greeting”

  1. HAHAH!! This is so funny!! I think I should do it to our family! :-)

  2. My stomach is seriously hurting from laughing so hard at this! I had no idea the three people living above us were so gifted in the "break dance" department! Oh wow! Still laughing…

  3. And who said Baptists can't dance???

    That was so sooo funny.

  4. None of your glasses fell off – amazing!

  5. Chance of a lifetime, indeed. Get down, Pipers!

  6. Bonnie and Denny

    Way to send us off to Worship laughing! I just pray we will not start giggling when John gets up to preach!!

  7. Oh my! I will never view you all in the same way!

  8. Oh how we need to laugh. Thank you Noel. This made me love the Pipers even more.

  9. It’s great to see the light side of the Piper household!

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