Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Taking care of Baby Jesus

“Look, Grandmama. I’m Joseph taking care of Baby Jesus!”

God doesn’t leave anything to chance. So when he chose Mary to be the mother of his son, he was also choosing Joseph, her betrothed, as the right man to be Jesus’s earthly father.

Joseph was a just man, who wanted to protect Mary from the public shame of being pregnant before she was married. He was obedient to God, apparently without question, even though it would mean sharing her embarrassment (Matthew 1:19-25).

Knowing that Joseph was that sort of man, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did actually crawl into the manger to care for their baby.

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6 Responses to “Taking care of Baby Jesus”

  1. This post reminds me of Michael Card's song about Joseph on his CD THE PROMISE. I've always been moved by that song.

  2. What sweet insight by your grandson…that Joseph took actual care of Jesus as a child. And what a happy photo!

  3. These Three Kings

    Wow..thank you for sharing this. What a great reminder of the Sovereignty of God!
    Merry Christmas :)

  4. What sweet truth from a sweet child. I am really appreciating your posts on Advent.

  5. Listen to Mercy Me sing Joseph's Lullaby….beautiful

  6. the baby is sooooooo cute remeber when i used to take care of fake babies

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