Sunday, May 31st, 2009


On Sunday, June 7, I will fly to China.

The first week will be taken up with traveling and visiting Bethlehem friends with Evergreen Service in the Shanxi Province, about an hour’s flight from Beijing.

On Sunday, June 14, I will go to Beijing to join other friends. We will spend the week primarily in becoming more familiar with China.

We will be thankful for your prayers.

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  1. How exciting! My uncle is Mark Strand (former worker at Bethlehem and one of the first Evergreen workers). I’m assuming that Mark and Rene are some of the people you will be seeing. Have fun and God bless! I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    In Christ,

  2. Noel,

    I am jealous – I look forward to going back to China someday and take Giovanna with me. She just asked me the other day when she would be able to go to China.
    Blessings as you go. Corrie

  3. You and and the Desiring God team will be in my prayers. Prov 2:6

  4. Olivia,
    Yes, one of my visits is to the Strands. He said, "How cool that my niece read your blog."

  5. Noel,
    We are having parallel summers! I will be leaving for China on June 19 to visit workers from DGCC who are in Xiamen. Then on to India to spend two weeks with our oldest son at an orphanage in Andra Pradesh. I go to see, learn, encourage, and love on children.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip.
    In Him,

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