Friday, February 29th, 2008

Agreement in Kenya

From Noel:

One of the effects of planning a trip to Kenya is that I’m lots more aware of what’s happening there. According to my original plans I should have already traveled and returned. But post-election violence caused that trip to be postponed till now. I have paid close attention since then to the progress of talks between the rival leaders, Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga.

The area where we’ll be visiting was not affected by the violence and foreigners did not feel threatened.

Just yesterday, an agreement for a coalition government was announced. There is great relief in Kenya, mixed with caution.

So today, let’s give thanks and pray for peaceful follow-through.

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4 Responses to “Agreement in Kenya”

  1. Dear Daughter Noel,
    I am praying you and Talitha along your way. Just now you are probably readying the final packing to head to the airport very soon. Got your passports handy?!
    I remember beautiful Brackenhurst from my brief SIL conference stay there in 1994 with Steve and Julie. I specially enjoyed the cozy evening fire in the little round fireplace in our cottage.
    Love and safe journey, Mother

  2. FIRST trip to East Africa???!!!! Kenya is where I fell in love with Africa. I hope that it will only deepen the love that I know you already have for the Africans.

    If you have the chance, go to YaYa’s in Nairobi (I think it’s near Daystar University – it’s a little mall), and there used to be a small shop that sold the most wonderful crepes and cappuccino. It’s not quite “African” but it adds to the vastness of what can be experienced there.

    Prayers for your journey,
    Kristin Dearth

  3. I wish I were coming along! Don’t panic if the planes get re routed, you are too experienced for that now! Take Talitha in a taxi, so she does not have to wait as long as you did for that African experience! How old were you then??? I’m so excited for you and thank God for His heart displayed in your heart, Talitha’s heart, and the heart of the family so joyfully sending you, faith

  4. What are your thoughts on a chrcuh that agrees with you on virtually every area, but has Sunday as the Sabbath. Does this mean they are not saved? I don’t think I should leave the chrcuh because God is truely at work there. I’m just looking to get your thoughts. I didn’t see any mention in the article and I was curious (maybe I missed it). I absolutely love the site by the way, and learned a life altering lesson in your article about Hell not being eternal torment. That brings everything together for me and I thank you. I am looking into formal bible training.

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